10 Jobs That Are Far From AI and Automation.

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When i was a teen, my teacher told me by the year 2020, we will be seeing flying cars. It’s 2020 though we have companies that are developing flying cars but they are far from implementation and are quite expensive. Sad news is instead of flying cars, we have self driving cars from Tesla. Imagine the changes it will make in the transport industry alone. Literally it will replace millions of drivers with zero accident rate.

AI and automation is already happening and taking our jobs. Machines and softwares do faster and efficient than humans. I finished my degree and hoping of joining at the bank. In a matter of couple of years, the entire banking is transformed into digital. You don’t have to wait in the que for half a day or you don’t have the pressure of formalities. You can do that in a matter of minutes with zero risk. Now every bank have their own app where you can do all the transactions with a single click.

If you think you finished your degree and that degree is going to pay you for the next forty years, then you are absolutely wrong. You will not know what’s next on automation. Already in China many workers, most of them are skilled engineers are replaced by machines. They no longer need their help for making a smart phone or an electronic gadgets.

Let’s see what are the jobs that are far from automation. You can learn those skills after your work or even in this covid times.

1. Video making.
Videos are the future. Let’s say ‘How to make a keto fat bomb?’. Obviously you are not going to make google search. You are going to search it on youtube or your pinterest video pin. People love visuals. That’s why you have billion searches on youtube and pinterest. To make a video, you have to make it by yourself and the audio which is the backbone of a video. You have to record it by yourself. Nowadays people make millions of dollars on youtube. The top earners on youtube are the people who make cat, cooking and children videos.

2. Writing.
Writing is the base of any marketing. You want content. To make a content, you need to sit and research. There is a large vacancy for writers. They make their writing into a content or any sales page. Obviously writing needs a lot of study and research. You need to write minimum 2000 words article at least to make a 5 minutes video or podcast. Writing is also highly paying jobs in freelancing. You can upload you gig on fiverr and earn thousands of dollars. You can also work as proof readers.

3. Farming.
In Asia many graduates are investing in farming. They are investing their hard earned money on buying lands. Indians and Japanese never hesitate themselves on working in their fields. I still remember one Indian software employee who worked at the top company. She quit her job along with her husband to start their new life as a farmer. Later she helped their co farmers to sell their goods abroad. It’s good to see young people coming to farming and helping with the latest technology and knowledge.

4. Stock market.
Despite people’s speculation about AI role in stock markets. It’s indeed a good opportunities for the people who want to pursue it. Many stock exchanges do their best to protect their buyers from AI and softwares. They even offer leverage which is they allow the buyers to buy ten times the number of the stock. If you think stock markets won’t work for you in pandemic. Think almost all the American billionaires doubled their money in this pandemic. Jeff Bezos almost doubled his wealth from 102 billions to 200 billions. The stocks of crude oil may hit the rock bottom but the stocks of pharma and softwares almost doubled in this seven months of pandemic. Many traders are becoming millionaires sitting in comfort of their home.

5. Real estate.
One industry that will never be affected from AI will be real estate. You can buy land and sell it when the price rise. If you don’t have money. Even you can work as a broker on commission basis. All you can do is to arrange a meeting between buyer and seller and you get your commission. You can start your business in fast growing cities where millionaires are selling their houses cheaply in hurry.

6. Event management.
Event management is another industry that will stay relevant for a long time. As we live in a busy life. Many find it hard to arranging events. You can grab the opportunity. You need to build a trust to survive in the industry. You can start from marriage, party or even tours. They give quite good amount of money.

7. Hospital.
Medicine is one such a industry that is far from being automated. Especially in this pandemic. There is a huge demand for nurses and doctors. You need staff from OPD, nursing and maintenance. It’s a industry that is growing bigger and bigger. Even many doctors are running their own clinic to earn extra income.

8. Chef.
Cooking is an art. It’s one of the highly underrated industry and will never meet it’s fall. As a chef you can easily get employed in an hotel or even in a cruise ships. You will have the opportunity of travelling to different countries if you fully learn to utilise it. Many chefs run their own youtube channel and they make a huge income. You can even arrange your own party to your clients. There is a famous channel on youtube ‘Hebbar’s Kitchen’. In just a few years of time. He have crossed over four million followers. He even sells his amazon kitchen appliances. For which he will get the huge commission for it. It’s definitely is far from AI. No machine can replace humans in recipe making.

9.Small business.
When we were in college. Our professors used to threat us. They say getting placed in big companies is the only way to survive in this world. Nowadays group of youngsters are creating small companies by investing their money. They can start it on their own apartment as a small scale industry. Later they make it into a multi million dollar company. You really don’t have to work in big companies. You can start your own. Your small business may be handicrafts, spare parts making, food processing, deliveries, e-commerce or customer relationship.

10. Instagram celebrity.

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Instagram is a gift for the young people. They show their talent and they make big amount of money. Kylie Jenner is one such a example. She once beat Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg by becoming youngest self made billionaire. You don’t need millions of followers like Kylie Jenner but with decent following you can make a lot of money. Many youngsters around the world making millions by makeup tutorials, fashion, motivational speech, programming tutorials. All you need is put your effort and be regular.

I am not saying above mentioned jobs will never be automated but these are the jobs that requires skills that humans alone can do. Now the internet is flooded with opportunities. You need to be skilled to meet those standards. There are some great opportunities that AI has created. It need good human skill to utilise them. Building a custom made car and simplifying a factory production both needs AI and manpower. So it’s completely irrelevant to say AI is bad to our society. All i am saying we need to be prepared to face the future.

I am running my small e-commerce business. Writing is my passion. I write about health, money and llifestyle.

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